Owning a Pitbull Puppy

Pitbulls are given a bad rap, yet they are born as innocent as any other puppy.  Pitbull puppies are playful, curious and they absolutely love affection.  In this photo we have Apple my grand-dog (right) and Homeme (left) both are house pets that are well behaved, and a pleasure to have around.  Apple is just a pup, and still being trained; she has already been potty trained though. Homeme is 11 years old in this photo!  I've had Homeme since she was four months old, she was a gift from my brother when our mom passed away. She certainly helped me through my grief and loss.

I've never had any problems with her, and training her was easy she loves to please. She also loves people, and is still extremely playful at her age.

Homeme's vet always tells me how good and healthy she is for a pitbull that is now thirteen years old.

They are all special and have personality. Every pitbull I've owned and raised has been unique, except for the one thing they all have in common is their loyalty and determination to please. You have to know how to raise pitbulls though, there are a lot of helpful guides available with valuable information to help you understand the breed and its needs.

Apple is fun to watch. She is the baby, yet is so independent and confident. She is great around the kids, and loves to lay her head on your lap while you rub her belly.  Homeme, even at her age is big baby, she rolls around on her back like a fish out of water, she loves to play with her tennis balls and swim in the pool.

Bear (right, rear) and Apple playing in the snow, but once they see the camera the pose. All my pits love taking pictures!
Bear and his Favorite Stuffed Toy
Homeme Loves Chewing
Bear is hilarious, when he sees the camera he actually will sit and wait for you to take his picture. Dogs are amazing animals and pitbull puppies grow up to be loving family pets when they are raised and trained properly. The history of the breed is very interesting too, and I would strongly suggest reading up on the American Pitbull Terrier if you are planning on buying or adopting a pitbull puppy. You will enjoy learning about this wonderful dog breed.

RIP: Bloodie Boy and Star from the same liter, raised together AWESOME PETS!

Pitbull Puppy Training Guide

American pitbull terriers are a special breed, so if you are thinking about getting a pitbull puppy or if your dog needs training you need a pitbull training guide. This is a breed that has a history that goes back hundreds of years, but there are many cross-bred pitbulls. When a dog is mixed it will have traits of both breeds.

The purest bloodlines of pitbulls come from the Colby dog's bloodlines, which have been carefully recorded for years. There are many traits and features, such as big heads or short stocky bodies that most people think define a pure-bred pitbull terrier. This is not necessarily true. Colby dogs have always been bred to maintain qualities such as gameness and temperament. John P. Colby"s is a legend when it comes to breeding and raising the purest pitbulls, and his son Louis has continued in his father's footsteps. Louis B. Colby has preserved the bloodlines of the well recognized Colby dog's. Click the book cover to get more info, and take a look inside to see some of its content.

Colby's book of the American Pitbull Terrier is one of the best books on the breed, the book is dedicated to Mr. Colby and authored by his son Louis B. Colby. This book contains historical information about the breed and documentation. The contents of this book will give you a deep appreciation for pitbulls, there are several pictures from the Colby family dogs which are simply fascinating to see.

In this book you will gain the knowledge of the history of the true American Pitbull Terrier from a man who has lived with, raised, bred and respected pitbulls. You'll learn the real meaning of gameness, and what it means for a pitbull dog to be game. This is a book for all pitbull dog lovers, and it if filled with some of the most interesting information on some of the best bred pitbulls in history.

Pitbull Dog Training Guide

With that said, Pit Bulls Revealed is a very detailed dog training guide.

If you have a pit bull that is chewing up the furniture, barking all the time, or if you are thinking about getting a pit puppy then you owe it to yourself to learn and understand the breed and how to raise and train The American Pit Bull Terrier.

This guide is an excellent source of information about the breed, for example you will learn what the three biggest mistakes or myths are when it comes to color, weight and ears.

As with any dog breed your pets health is important, do you know what the five most common health problems are that affect the pitbull breed, and how to avoid them? Each breed has specific needs and you need to know and understand what these are in order to raise and train a happy, healthy puppy.

The Pooch 1932 Pitbull Video

The American Pit Bull Terrier has a rich past, unless you are educated about the breed you will not appreciate what a loyal, lovable dog the pit bull really is.  Are they very strong bodied and willed does that can endure most things that many other dog breeds cannot?  Absolutely, but with if you give an American Pit Bull Terrier a good home and raise them properly; forget about trying to raise the toughest dog around town you do the breed no justice whatsoever, but raise them and train them right and you have yourself one of the most loyalist companions for life.  Pit Bulls back up the saying, dog is man's best friend!

Potty Training Puppies

You have been looking for puppies for sale and finally found the perfect pitbull puppy, but now you are faced with learning how to potty train your new puppy. This is a common problem for many dog owners, and many pet owners get frustrated. It can be time consuming and costly cleaning up after a puppy that is not trained properly when it comes to using the bathroom. Do you need help learning how to house-break a puppy?

Without the proper training puppies will relieve themselves where ever they are, and that means on your floors and carpets. Buying cleaning supplies can get expensive, and if you don't potty train your dog the problem will not go away. You want to be able to leave your dog home alone and not worry about coming home to mounds of poop and puddles. For less than 20 bucks you can download an easy to follow guide that will teach you how to house train any dog. This guide works for any dog breed, pitbull puppies too. You don't need any special knowledge to learn the effective techniques. And you can start right away.

Puppies can roam freely in the house if they are potty trained, and I'm sure you want to be able to let your pet feel free and not caged up or trapped in one room. Well, all you need is some help learning how to effectively train your puppy or dog; once a dog is house broken they are house broken. No more smelly odors, no more accidents, and no more cleaning up messes.